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    How can to make global or static data ?

    How can to make global or static data ,
    and that no next error:

    "ERROR: Dll 'MENUITEMS[10008AD0].APP' has uninitialised data"


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    DLLs on the Symbian platform therefore have no data segment. Writeable static data is not allowed as a consequence. Search for "global data" in the SDK help for more details.

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    You can make read-only (static const) data, as long as the data type doesn't require run-time construction - the SDK includes an example of who to make a type-safe static array.

    You can also use the SetTls() function to point at a dynamically allocated structure for pseudo-globals, and write a macro definition for each "global" that actually invokes Tls(), casts the pointer, and dereferences the variable. Note however that this technique is VERY inefficient for array operations, etc - instead, store a pointer to the array as a pseudo-global, and only fetch it once.

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