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    How to configure 6610 to get HTTP connection?

    Has anyone successfully established a HTTP connection between Nokia 6610 and a server?
    I have written a midlet which connects to a webserver via HTTP to get stock data. This application was tested successfully on different emulators and in real life on Nokia 7650 with various providers (Vodafone, Telekom and EPlus in Germany). Nokia 7650 needs to be configurered as follows: Gateway, dynamic IP-address, DNS set on IP from the provider (optional) and accesspoint must be an internet address of the provider.
    On Nokia 6610 the HTTP connection failed because you cannot define a dynamic IP-address or DNS as far as I found out and some providers told me. They also told me that HTTP connection is not possible with this phone. But I have read in this forum that some people got a connection.
    I would be glad to get any hint how to configure the Nokia 6610 for HTTP or to hear any reason why it is unpossible. If the providers are right then every series 40 phone should have the same problem - is it correct? Could the firmware be the problem (4.74)?
    Thanks for any answer

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    I think a 6610 will *only* support HTTP connections - and no other kind! Does your WAP browser work? I believe that HTTP connections from Java apps use the same settings on series 40 phones. (Because your HTTP connection is a WAP connection).

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