Good morning,

I've just been learning my first steps at programming using C++ and Symbian, as I wish to make a program that can:

a) Load a j2me MIDlet from within the program
b) Load the standard series 60 menu, but using a completely different UI of my own design to display it (a la Trigplayer or SmartLauncher). I also want to tie this menu in with my program so that if the user leaves the modified phone menu, it returns to the program's menu (which has the original link to the modified GUI phone menu). Basically, is it possible to tie in calls to launch specific series 60 programs from within my program?
c) Run automatically when the phone is switched on

Could anyone give me some pointers on where I could find information on how to do this, or some good general tutorials. Please could you give specific URLs if linking, rather than a domain name, as I've had some difficulties finding specific information!



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