first of all sorry for my english

Can anyone tell me what known bugs firmware 2.50 have?

I'm developing a J2ME application that uses httpconnection. the midlet is polling every 3 seconds the web server.

I found that randomly the httpconnection hangs, after flush or close the ouputstream used in the post to server. Of course I have the httpconnection in a separated thread and it works well in my Siemens SL45, and over 3410, 3510, 7210 nokia emulators.

After httpconnection hangs none other network application works in the phone until I restart it.

I think that it is a problem of my firmware, but i'm not sure. I have the version: V2.50 13-02-2003 NHL-8. Have anyone a changelog or bugfixed list of the firmware? Do you recommend me upgrade it?

PD: I've set the gateway to but don't work, i'm spanish and seems that vodafone here don't support internet direct access. Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance, Cheers.