We're trying to get a new website up where you can download unlimited ringtones 24/7. It will have a monthly charge but we need some beta testers. For helping us beta test, we will give you a free account for 1 year.

Please fill out our beta tester application if you want the 1 year membership free. You do not have to fill out correct personal information like your name and cell phone number if you don't want to (just fake it). But we do need a valid email address so that we can send you certain tests to try and you can send us feedback on how the process worked.

The application is at...

If you just want to let us know if you were able to download the ringer or not, you can skip the application process and just try to download one of the ringers below.

These are voice ringers and only certain Nokia models support them.
For most cell phones go to...

for Sprint cell phones go to...

Then email support@eringers.com and let us know how it worked.

If you would like to fill out the application but are truly concerned with giving our your email address, then just get a free account on the web (there are many) and use that address for this purpose. Thank you.