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    MMSC Delivery Reports (Nokia Live)

    The External Applications Developer's Guide doesn't seem to say at what point an "m-delivery-ind" message is sent back to the client app when using the Nokia MMSC.

    Is a persistent connection required that constantly listens for these reports or is there a way of specifically requesting delivery information for a given message ID?


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    Client transactions are explained in OMA-WAP-MMS-CTR-v1_1-20021031-C available from OMA.

    "How to create MMS services" also explains the delivery methods. It's available at Forum Nokia.

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    Yes, but nowhere does it say if a new connection is actioned or whether the actual connection you use to send the message is used.

    HTTP 1.1 is used, but HTTP does not allow unsolicited requests so I'm assuming another connection is required on a different port. But how does the MMSC know which IP/port to use for the delivery reports?

    The documentation is very poor, and that includes the Nokia MMSC External Applicaitons Developers guide document.

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