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Thread: True Tones

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    True Tones


    I've tried to create a true tone with Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0. Input WAV - Output for 3300 WB-AMR with recomended 15.85 kbps. The amr file was created successfully but the 3300 needs file extension .awb. So what is wrong....? The file has the right codec...the extension is wrong but i renamed it....3300 won't play it. What have i to do to get it working?

    Anybody got an idea?



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    Well, nobody answered so I decide to search for the solution as far as i can. -> I've got it

    True Tones on 3300 can only be received by WAP and MMS. Tones can't be uploaded via USB because 3300 encrypts with MMC ID while storing = content protection.

    And the other thing is: max 64kb via WAP otherwhise you can't download. Maybe there is a way to manualy use AES encryption with MMC ID to upload directly. I don't know.

    So I've helped myself and i hope some other people,too.



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