I asked a question a week ago in this forum about displaying Bitmap in a quick way.

Someone suggested me to use the PAlbImageViewerBasic Class.

However, I also want to access and modify the pixel values of Bitmap. Seems that I have no way to access and modify the pixel values of the bitmap and ask this Class to display the modified bitmap, right? So seems CPAlbImageViewerBasic doesn't help me.

I read the CPAlbImageViewerBasic.h and found the following comment :

/*The class uses optimized loading of the bitmap! It uses the feature of Media Server that is able to downscale the image in DCT-domain (for JPEG images, but works for other formats too in API level). Media Server is able to downscale images while loading using 1:2, 1:4 or 1:8 scaling. */

That means we can get a down-scaled bitmap quickly by Media Server, right? However, I cannot see any API for us to do this in SDK. Do you know this?

Also, can we display a CFbsBitmap using this Class rather than open image from file as in LoadImageL()? Is it possible?

Jason Ho