Is there somewhere an overview of the networking characteristics of Nokia java-enabled (MIDP) phones? We're developing networked enabled applications and APIs and constantly find out that even within a specific Series (eg. Series 40), the networking functionality across handsets is not the same. To give an example; the 6800 (series 40) supports sockets, the 7210 doesn't. The 7650 supports sockets to a certain extent, but not bi-directional (it blocks). Here you need to have one socket for incoming and one for outgoing.
Some handsets do support HTTPS and/or SSL, some don't.
Some support 2 concurrent sockets, some support 4 or up. Some support the available method, some don't. Some this, some that, etc.

An table with networking functionality/specs per handset would be very useful!!! Is this available?


Michael Steuer
Technical Director - THQ Wireless