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    J2me Developing


    Im trying to find the correct Nokia/Java software to devleop music software - ive downloaded J2ME and Java VM - do you recommend anything else i'll need etc???

    also, before recommending - do bear in mind that I want to record music with my mobile and then save it as my ring tone, and also be able to send it to my friends - which is the simplest way of doing this as i'm not a very strong coder?????

    email answers to vk77business@hotmail.com



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    Please go through the Getting Started documents on

    Forum Nokia >> Java >> Documents/Downloads (for examples on MMAPI)

    You need to download an IDE like Sun One Studio Mobile Edition or JBuilder Mobile Edition for editing and compiling. Then install Nokia Developer Suite 1.2.1 or 2.0 to be able to conveniently package your MIDlet and install phone emulators aand integrate with the IDE.

    For music software development you need to target phones that support Mobile Media API (JSR 135) e.g. 3650, 3300, N-Gage, 6600.

    You cannot set a music file as a ringtone using Java due to security reasons. You can record it using MMAPI and send it using HTTP or sockets in the case of MIDP 2.0 phones like 6600.

    [N]/Forum Nokia

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    Recording music using MMAPI

    Hi. vic007 wants to record music from his mobile, then save it as a ringtone and send it to his friends. In reply, nmittal says that he can't save it as a ringtone, but says: "You can record it using MMAPI. . . "

    Can I ask how this is done in JAVA? My understanding is the phones mentioned do in fact support MMAPI, but none (possibly excepting the 6600) support audio recording. So nmittal's statement seems untrue. Is some other form of "recording music" meant? How can you record anything using MMAPI on, say, the 3650?

    By the way, I have been trying to find out whether the 6600, which supports MMAPI, supports audio recording. Does anyone know?

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