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    OK, I don't have IrDA or Bluetooth on my PC so I couldn't download and test the third party MP3 Player on my 3650. Is there any way I can place the program on the MMC on the PC and then install it once the MMC is in the phone?

    I did test some RA music files and the RealOne player does play them well but how does one set up a playlist for automatic playback? If this is not possible with Real, is this function available in the MP3 player? Since I may never get a chance to test the MP3 player, how does it compare with the Real playback? I see that the compression levels are much higher on the Real then the 128kb/s I code my MP3s to. How does Real compare to the MP3 playback in terms of quality? Is the MP3 player good enough to warrant spending $$$ to install a wireless port on my PC?

    Most important, there is no licensing fee for producing and selling MP3s - what is the story on Real both for music and video?
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    You should be able to install the software by dropping it to the MMC on PC side and then changing the MMC to phone and install it. You should have some 3rd party file manager to find the installation package from the MMC. Or you could send the installation package via e-mail to your phone.

    The RealOne player in 3650 doesn't support playlist for local content. You can only do playlists for streamable content, ie. you can include several URL's to the ram-file and then save as a playlist.

    I haven't tried the 3rd party MP3 software, so I can't say much about that.

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    Enstedt, Thanks! I wonder for local playback playlists, could one fake URLs that point to locations on the MMC in some way to fool the player into following a list? Also, did Real code the player or was that Nokia or a third party through the Helix program? I would like to find out to recommend local lists AND a control panel that at least has a position slider or a next/back function tied to a 3650 console button. Also, coming from WinCE I am at a loss with Symbian. Any infromation or recommendations on programming resources? BTW- this jumping around languages is as bad as collecting different memory cards for each new device I support!

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