Hi there!

I am almost finished with my first MIDP 1.0 game, and in the game I have an optional feature, where you can contact a http server on the net, to get your highscore registered.

Testing this on a real Nokia 6610 phone, gives me some problems, as this phone connects to the internet thru WAP dialup over GSM modem, which means that calling the http server could take approx. 30-45 seconds.

But this call to the http server is not blocking - so after the user answers "Yes" to contacting the internet, after a few seconds the game returns to what it was doing.

But I would like it to ie. show a dialog saying "sending data to remote server" while the http connection request is being processed.

Any idea how I can accomplish this ?

Ideas and comments are very welcome - thanks in advance.

Regards from Denmark,
Tony Fonager