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    Guidelines how to create audio UI for 9210

    What are the guidelines for how to create an audio UI for 9210?

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    RE: Guidelines how to create audio UI for 9210

    -The Communicator SDK provides a ready-made sound set and tones that can be used for various UI events, if the developer does not want to create UI sounds on his/her own.

    -Audio feedback is a useful aid when the user is busy or visually restricted. Sometimes the use of sounds is also an effective way to point out an important or hazardous event.

    -Allow the user to modify the sound settings; some users have different needs for loud, discrete and silent sound options. Some users might prefer a subset of sounds or might want to turn some sounds off.

    -The user must be able interrupt alert tones.

    -Do not exaggerate the use of sounds; Designing a high-quality sound set is an art form but it is rather easy to create 'audio pollution.'

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