I' trying to install some MIDlets on a Nokia 3300 phone (firmware version: V 4.05) using this procedure:

- Connect the phone to the PC using the USB datacable. Windows automatically recognises the phone as an extra drive
- Copy the jar and jad file for the MIDlet to the 'Applications' directory on the memory card
- Detach the cable after copying has completed
- On the phone, go into the menu, 'Extras', 'Memory Card', 'Install application'
- Now it displays the applications on the Memory card. When selecting one the phone says 'Installing application <name>' for a few seconds, and then crashes and automatically reboots itself. Now, when going into the menu and to 'Applications', instead of the application I tried to install I have 'Unknown', with a 'broken' icon. Whenever I try to select 'Options' on this the phone responds with an 'Action failed' alert. I have tried installing a few applications (which all work on other series 40 phones), and all of them produced the same behaviour. Does someone know what is wrong here? And does someone know how I can remove these 'Unknown' datas from my applications directory? The 'Options' menu does not work on them, so I can't remove them that way...

I know I should be able to install applications via ota, but using this way to install is easier and faster, and since the phone seems to provide the functionality it should work.

Thanks in advance for any help!