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    TX RX SMS through a TDMA Mbus protoc

    I am trying to develop an equipment (board with micro controller) to send alarm and telemetry information using the cellular TDMA network. The information maybe transferred using SMS.
    In this case the board will need to send commands through a serial interface with the Mbus protocols to send the SMS messages. I already use PIC 16f84 microprocessor with the appropriate software and I get the phone number list with a Nokia 5120i by taking the commands send by the software call logo manager as I capture the command send and simulate then with the microprocessor software, but I do not know the command to send an SMS message or to receive them, if I get for example a Motorola model, Nokia Model any thing that allows me to send and receive messages I will be very pleased if you can help me many thank in advance

    Tomas Manrique

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    SMS AT commands are not available in TDMA phones.
    It is not recommended to make not supported connections to MBUS or FBUS because it can damage Your phone and You can lose warranties.
    Nokia phone interface specifications are Nokia propriety and because of this they are not publicly available.
    If you are developing an accessory, other device or software that utilizes Nokia phones and want to discuss about the development work in private, you can contact us via email (pccsdk.developer@nokia.com).

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