I am trying to write data to an embedded filestore as per the example in the sybmian documentation.

I have the following code:
//outstream is an instance of
outstream<<(...constant value...);
//outstream<<(...constant value...);
if(...frequently true...){
console.Printf(...value in array...);
outstream<<(...value in array...);

If the code is compiled and run as is nothing at all is stored to the file,
but if the commented output is uncommented then everything before
and after this code gets stored.

At all times the correct values get written to the console.

I have tried to Synch() the underlying MStreamBuf.

I have tried to CommitL() the stream earlier.

In every case unless I actually store something before the if() statement,
when I terminate the application my output file is empty. I can't uncomment
the outstream<< as this code just loops and loops - the file grows to kb in

Is there any way I can flush the buffer completely? What exactly am I doing
wrong, and how exactly do RStoreWriteStreams and the underlying
MStreamBuf work (I've been through the API, I have RTFM!) Any help greatly