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    Nokia 6310i & Mac 17" powerbook bluetooth connection problem

    I have a Nokia 6310i and a Mac 17" powerbook that has a bluetooth connection problem. I can connect the phone via bluetooth but the phone immediately drops the laptop?!?! The phone also has a problem with my Jabra Bluetooth headset where it will use if for awhile then drop it.

    I talked to Nokia and they told me to get the PC connectivity kit, so I went and bought the data cable, installed the software and obviously it makes no difference because there really isn't a bluetooth driver update in the PC Connectivity install, grrrr waste of money, thanks Nokia!!!

    Is anyone else having this problem with this phone or have any ideas around it. Nokia is saying they don't have a single customer out there with my problem and don't want to take responsibility for the fact that there is something wrong with my phone!!!


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    Try posting your question at nokia3650.net forum. They might be more helpful there


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