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    Error compiling anything other than console apps

    Hi i installed symbian os 1.0 (1.2 was giving me too much of a headache with bugs) , im running msvc with sp3. i can compile console apps fine, using abld makefile vc6, or even abld build wins udeb. however, when i try to compile anything that uses windows, like the bitmap example, i get no notification that an error occured with abld build wins udeb, but no EXE is created. when i use vis studio, i keep getting the same 'perl return code 0x9'. ill post the full error PLEASE HELP! thank you :)
    pls note: this is the same error 'line 161' thing for ALL window apps, it isnt the code itself.

    bla ---- perl -s epocrc.pl -l

    *cant execute cpp at C:\SYMBIAN\6.1\SHARED\EPOC32\TOOLS\epocrc.pl line 161
    NMAKE: fatal error U1077: perl return code 0x9
    error executing c:\windows\system\cmd.exe

    so anyway i went to line 161 of epocrc.pl and it said
    $cpp_status !=0; (to return 0x9 error). whats going on?

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    actually i get the error in abld build wins udeb aswell, it looks like this:

    nmake fatal error u1077
    ..\nmake.exe return code 0x2

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    What's going on is that Perl is crapping out on you brother:)
    For some reason on some machines the '>' is not being executed properly by Perl and things crap out. For instance the statement on line 161 in epocrc.pl is crapping out because of
    the '>' that is embedded withitn the statement.

    Solution: None as far as I know
    Although some people on this forum have suggested that maybe if you blindly reinstall Perl, the SDK, the OS, and move to a different country - things just might work - hehe:)


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