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    Java <-> C++ inter-process communication

    A nasty little technical question for any Symbian Java experts out there.

    I'm trying to find ways that a MIDlet could communicate with a Symbian C++ app running on the same device. Does anyone know if any of the following might be possible:

    - Opening an HttpConnection to on the Java side, and having the C++ app listening on port 80

    - Writing information to "persistant storage" on the Java side, and having the C++ app somehow find and read that data

    - Starting the MIDlet from a C++ app, and communicating via system.in and system.out

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    That should work. You would have to write a Symbian service that listens on a TCP server socket and accepts connections from the MIDlet. You would then define a simple command protocol between the MIDlet and the colocated Symbian service. Of course the MIDlet got to have permission to connect to "localhost". --silvano

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    Access point

    I am trying to do a comunication from Java to C++
    but I have the following question:

    If I try to connect the application ask me to choose the Access Point even if I use localhost or
    I don't want to let the user choose the Access Point because it is no sence for localhost.

    Any suggestion ?


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