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    SDK Installer Errors

    I've downloaded and tried to install an SDK for J2ME on 3510i nokias.

    When the installer runs, it extracts files (don't know where) and then tells me it cannot find JVM.DLL, reinstall the Java Virtual Machine, or Change the VM for this Application.

    I have installed 4 different versions of JRE from Sun microsystems, but to no avail.

    I have also looked throught the support sections of the nokia forum, and not come accross anything.

    I have also searched via google, and come up with no good answer to whats going wrong!

    Can someone please explain where i'm going wrong?

    What do i need ot do in order for the installer to run correctly?

    I have happily installed SDK's from other manufacturers with no problem.

    I am running Windows 2000, with the latest updates.

    any thoughts?

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    Hi Barney,

    You must have a Sun JDK installed, not just the JRE.


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