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    What is a CBA area?

    What is a CBA area? What can be done with it?

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    RE: What is a CBA area?

    Command Button Area = The area on the PDA display reserved for the commands corresponding to the soft keys. The commands are context-sensitive. The default command is underlined (if defined) and can be activated also by pressing the Enter button.

    The Command Button Area is separated from the Application Area by a 5-pixel frame. Note that graphical components of the UI shall NOT exceed the frame and overlap the Command Button Area.

    The Command Button Area consists of four commands. The basic functionality of the device should be managed by the command buttons.

    Command texts are operated by the command buttons on the right-hand side of the display.
    The size of the Command Button Area varies from 80 x 200 pixels to 130 x 200 pixels, depending on the length of the text strings. The width of the command button area is dynamic but view dependent; it is as wide as the longest command text string that could appear on the application screen in question. The width does not change in any one view. The width must be adjusted according to each language version.

    It is recommended to use one-line commands if the text consists of one or two short words. If the words are long or if there are more than two words, the command text wraps to the second line. The command text colour is black. The command text might be dimmed if it is temporarily unavailable. Other colours should not be used in command texts.

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