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    Bug in Engage and new 60 platforms

    I have an 'old' 7650 and Im using it as a test platform.
    I am developing a game, you can see a demo of it in

    It works as it is in my 7650, but I got to test engage
    and updated 7650, and there was a problem:

    Texts in menu's were always written in black. I start
    to scale color from (255 -x, 255 -x, 255 -x) downwards to
    (255 -x -n, 255 -x -n, 255 -x -n), from white to black, but texts
    are always written in black. This was apparent as
    background lightning is drawn, the texts were visible on
    top of it. So basically you can see the red lines no text,
    and when lightning strikes, you can see outlines of black

    You should be able to replicate this by setting color to
    something like (200, 200, 200) and drawing text. The
    text should be gray, but if the bug is replicated, it will
    be drawn in black.

    The other possibility is that this happens in conjunction
    with some of my other code. Still, the code works in applet,
    application, sun emulator and in old 7650. Shouldn't it
    work in updated 7650's and Engage too?

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    I found this bug too, on Nokia7650. But, it seems that apear just when I draw in an another image (g = img.getGraphics()). If I use the Graphics object passed as parameter in paint() the drawString uses the right color seted before.

    Another bug related to set color is that function fillRect (and probably drawRect, drawLine, fillArc, etc) do not care about alpha from color seted with setARGBColor()
    The follwing code
    DirectGraphics dg = DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(g);
    g.fillRect(x, y, w, h);
    doesn't fill the rect with alpha. Just draw an opaque green rect.
    Workaround: I use fillPolygon() instead, to fill a rect in a color with alpha.

    I work right now for a game on 7650 and I'm disappointed of drawPixels(): it seems to be slower than drawImage(). Does have anybody any ideea why ? On other phones is quite fast (see 3510i for example).

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    Good news

    I was also using another image on which I was drawing first.
    Ill try to draw texts directly on graphics device given by the
    VM then. Hopefully this works, if it does, Ill get to make my
    demo release on phones this week. Workaround should be easy
    to implement.

    I have a Nokia 7650 bought over a year ago, and indeed the
    problem did not show on it. But it does show on newer phones.

    Thanks a lot Diafera

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