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    D211 no access to D-Link DWL-2000AP


    I need Help for following Problem:

    Suse 8.2, Laptop
    Nokia D211 (Software Vers. 1.05 installed)

    WLAN to:
    D-Link DWL-2000AP
    WEB: diabled
    TX-Rates 11 Mbps

    When I hotplug the D211 get finaly following message:

    ... messages to start the D211 looks like ok ...

    D211: Scan result from ssid: any: channel=6
    D211_Error: Received bssinfo has unknown rates?
    D211_Error: Unknown Information Element in bssinfo: 42

    Does I have anny traffic between the D211 and the AP ?

    At what side I have the Problem D211 or AP ?

    I would very much appreciate any help to resolve this problem. Thank you.

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    More information to my problem:

    lwalter:/etc/pcmcia # cat /etc/pcmcia/nokia_cs.opts
    # Operating mode (WLAN/GSM)
    # WLAN settings
    # WLAN profiles
    lwalter:/etc/pcmcia #

    lwalter:~ # cat /proc/net/nokia_cs
    WLAN NetDev =eth1
    WLAN MAC =00:e0:03:09:19:52
    WLAN ChrDev =nokia_cs
    WLAN ChMajor=253
    WLAN ChMinor=0
    GSM TTYDev =ttyNC0
    GSM ChMajor =204
    GSM ChMinor =42
    GSM status =off
    WLAN status =initialized
    WLAN state =initialized
    WLAN BSSID =00:00:00:00:00:00
    WLAN SSID =Not Joined
    WLAN channel=0
    WLAN radioSS=8192
    WLAN mode =AdHoc
    WLAN known BSSs:
    #00 ! 1057 ! 00:40:05:5e:26:77 ! 10 ! 22 ! 11008 ! any
    lwalter:~ #

    The mac off the BSSs is ok., thats my DWL-2000AP !

    Why WLAN mode =AdHoc (in nokia_cs.opts = infra) ?

    tail -f /var/log/messages
    Aug 25 09:48:39 lwalter kernel: D211: Scan result from ssid: any: channel=10
    Aug 25 09:48:50 lwalter kernel: D211_Error: Received bssinfo has unknown rates?
    Aug 25 09:48:50 lwalter last message repeated 3 times
    Aug 25 09:48:50 lwalter kernel: D211_Error: Unknown Information Element in bssinfo: 42

    The DWL-2000AP works with TX-Rates 5.5 Mbps

    What is wrong ?

    Best regards

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    Standardisation improved to fix problems with 802.11g devices


    The Nokia D211 interoperability problem reported with 802.11g pre-standard and 802.11b proprietary 22Mbps mode devices have been caused by the new higher data rates provided by these new AP's. Other manufacturers have reported similar problems with their 802.11b terminals. The IEEE standardisation forum has also noticed this and taken actions to improve interoperability with legacy 802.11b devices. This is carried out by adding "extended supported rates" information element (IE) to 802.11g management frames.

    This means that it isn't anymore necessary to put all available 802.11g data rates (including .11b ones) to the "supported rates" Information Element. Legacy 802.11b devices keep using old IE and shouldn't mind the extra IE which they don't undestand. 802.11g device however needs to understand both old and new "extended" IE to fully interoperate.

    This should solve most of those problems with 802.11b devices unable to handle the additional data rates in "supported rates" Information Element.

    At least some 802.11g vendors have already changed their implementation to follow these changes. For example Buffalo AirStation G54 (AP that originally caused problems with D211) has a new firmware update available.

    We have tested this briefly now and it seems that the original D211 v.4.33 software interoperates with the Buffalo G54 AP running latest firmaware.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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