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    Problems while sending files via Bluetooth

    Hi all,

    I work for a small software company and am trying to set up an enviroment where I can produce code for both the 9210i and the 3650. I was experiencing a problem where the PCSuites for the respective phones were confusing each other, and it was suggested that I use PCSuite for the 9210i and the Bluetooth connectivity software that came with my USB dongle for the 3650.

    I am using Windows XP Professional with a Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle (software version When I used PCSuite for the 3650, everything appeared to work reasonably smoothly (modulo a few well documented quirks).

    I am using the software to transfer SIS files to the 3650. Where do the files end up on the phone? I used a commercial file system explorer and was unable to locate them. When I initiated the transfer, there was a dialog saying that the file was being transferred to "\Public Folder\..." but I couldn't read the rest of the path, and I was unable to find a directory called "Public Folder" in any case.

    (Edit: I figured this out eventually... I didn't notice that there were all sorts of messages waiting for me on the phone...)

    Second, I am finding that the majority of the time the transfer fails with an "Error copying file" error. Is there something I can do to make the file transfer more reliable?

    (Edit: I figured this out too. I was sending the same file multiple times and there can only be one instance of the file in the inbox. I tried to delete this post but it didn't work for some reason.)


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    Hi !!

    First of all, i'm a newbie in development and my english is very bad!!

    I transfer my .sis file on my Nokia 7650 via Bluetooth and using FExplorer (File Explorer - www.gosymbian.cm - It's freeware) I found it in


    I think that just the first part of the path ( c:\system\mail\ ) is standard, the number are the place where the messagge are allocated and it may change !!

    Once I installed the sis goes in:


    That's everything I know, sorry !!!

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