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Thread: Java and J2ME

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    Java and J2ME

    I am a student and my project is regarding an online application. i would like to know, can Java link to J2ME? Because I was trying to use wireless device to send data over the Internet to a Java application, and vice versa. I may be use Java 1.3 Jbuilder while i haven't yet decide. The database server that i choose is SQL Server 2000.

    My project is an online appointment for specialist. Where user enter all their details for an enquiry and the system (using Java2)will process the date and time to the user. When the appoitment had made, the system will extract some important data and send to the specialist and save into the wireless device.

    Besides that, my project also include, entering quotation contents using the application that is developing into the wireless device(using J2ME). And then the data should send to the server over Internet. From that the server data are send to the Java application which is write to develop one formal quotation from the data obtain from the wireless device (which had enter by the specialist firstly).


    Posted by Heather Ice, heatherise@yahoo.com
    on January 10, 2002 at 06:02

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    RE: Java and J2ME

    Hi Heather,

    One way to do this is to create a booking MIDlet which connects to a Java Servlet. MIDlet can use HTTPConnection to connect to Servlet. Servlet will communicate with SQL Server through JDBC. Servlet will return any needed information as a response to the MIDlet. MIDlet stores data into a RecordStore.

    Hope this helps,

    Petteri/Forum Nokia

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