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    Difference between the Nokia 30 complete and Nokia 30 basic?Urgent!!!

    Dear support team,could u tell me the difference between the Nokia 30 complete and Nokia 30 basic?Urgent!!!

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    The basic sales package contains the Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal and a Product note document with warnings etc.

    The complete sales package contains also accessories in addition to Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal. It contains the Nokia 30 terminal, RS-232 data adapter, RS-232 data cable, ACW-5 power supply, installation screws, product note document and a CD-ROM with user's guide, modem driver and Configurator software. The complete sales package is a good place to start when purchasing the product for the first time and also when the Nokia 30 is to be used as a modem.

    Please find Nokia 30 Product guide document here:
    http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,65...0_70,00.html#3 -> Nokia 30 Product Guide Version 3

    You can find pictures of the sales packages starting page 16.

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    Customer Technical Services / M2M Support

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