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    direct infra!!! need help badly!!!

    anyone know how to set the 7650 handphone so that i can write data to the infra so as to communicate with any infra devices which do not support any protocol?
    i tried to use infra serial but it always cant write the first data as the status did not indicate a ready sign..
    i am not sure wat was wrong..
    can someone help me? pls..

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    7650 detect other non-symbian device via IR?

    HI, friends,

    I also face the same problem. The Secondary device I used is complied with Standard IRDA and IRCOMM, which has no problem to communicate with computer. but when i use nokia 7650 as my primary deivice to detect it, my symbian program keep leave off (code -33 )because of time out for serial commport's write method.

    Hope any Nokia experts can give me a reply, thank you for any help.

    I like NOKIA.


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