I have a page with 2 select fields (category and gallery).
I would like to do an action lets say "onchange" so the user would save one click on the submit.
This way I could also save the space on the page, otherwise I need 2 submit buttons (or at least one).

How could I make something like this?

<form action="http://www.kaywa.com" method="get">
<!-- this does not work -->
<select name="galleries" class="Auswahl" onchange="alert(this.form.galleries.options[this.form.galleries.selectedIndex].value)">
<!-- end this does not work -->
<option selected="selected" value="category1">Galleries</option>

<xsl:for-each select="/moblog/plugin[@name='galleries']/entry">
<option value="{href}">
<xsl:value-of select="title"/>