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    problems with sounds in sp-midi creator..

    hello there!

    I've just started using audio suite with cubase sx in order to compose polyphonic ringtones and I'm having some problems with sp-midi creator..

    1) I set the sp-midi creator as the midi output device (and select for example Nokia 7650) for the midi tracks that I have made with cubase and have sounded normal.

    2) I start listening the song and suddenly every other instrument except for the drums have changed themselves as piano; organ, strings ect.

    3) What is this? How do I change/control instruments in sp-midi creator or in cubase so that they stay the same in desired devises? (f ex. Nokia 7650)


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    did you put program change messages in your sequences? Sp-midi creator will respond to them correctly.
    I experienced the same problem, but only if I play the song the first time. If I play it again, the correct sounds are triggered... hope this helps solving your problem?

    Cheers, Leo

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