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    Uploading files (images) from phone

    Recently I have been rewriting my php website so its features are both accessible from a regular web browser and an xhtml browser which I must say has been working with great success, however my next task I am working on is to attempt to make my photo album accessible to my 6800 as well. I know this can easily be done by making use of the gd library so this isnt a problem, but what I am trying to attempt is this... I have the camera attachment for my phone (6800) and I think it would be a nice feature on my site if I could upload my saved photos from my phone to my webserver. I know this could probably be done somehow using a midlet, but I want to see if this would work through the web browser (which I have no clue if it would). Does anyone have any ideas of how it might be possible to code a page (.jsp .php whatever) so I would be able to select a file/image from my phones gallery and upload it to my site? Let me know!

    - Chad

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    Image upload feature by using <input type=file> tag in the XHTML page in Series 40 terminals is currently supported only in Nokia 7250i.

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    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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