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    Hyperterminal connection with D211

    D211 SWVersion 4.33 GSM Firmware V 02.33 12-12-02 DTE-1

    D211 works fine, SMS and DIAL out also calling out to a ISP works fine.

    I can attach with Hyperterminal D211 (COM4) . AT commands work fine.

    TEST for further working with D211 Hyperterminal connection with D211.

    DIALING OUT FROM notebook with Hyperterminal ATDxxxx to a PC setting up with public line modem WORKS FINE!

    DIALING IN to D211 from a public line modem, I do only see in the Hyperterminal on D211 ONE RING and the communication immediatly hangs up.

    It seems that the DIAL IN is still controlled by NOKIA software.
    Hyperterminal has no control for incomeing data calls.

    Where can I modify the configuration, disable the NOKIA software that the datastreem goes direct to the Hyperterminal COM port.

    Regards Klaus Bilgram

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    NOKIA Support Ask for kind help

    Hello Nokia support,

    we want to use 12 of this D2111 boards, so please reply to our problem.

    Thank you.
    Regards Klaus Bilgram

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    Hello Bilgram,

    Maybe following tip helps to get main control stop and calls redirected to another application.

    Nokia control can be closed from Computer Management's Services section. Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> Services -> Nokia D211/D311, and push
    Stop button (start type of the service can also be modified from here).

    You can now control the card from the property page. Computer Management -> Device Manager -> Multifunctional adapters -> Nokia D211/D311.

    Best Regards,
    Nokia D211 Support

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