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    No SDK running error

    hi all
    I have a problem, can some one help me?
    I have NMIT 4.0 and Nokia 3300 SDK Beta 0.5
    I started SDk, and after that I started NMIT, but it said: no SDKs are currently running .

    Please tell me where is the problem
    thanks a lot


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    Nokia 3300 SDK beta 0.5 mainly has only MIDP support, and not Browsing or MMS support. Therefore it may not have been recognized by NMIT 4.0. If you are interested in Browsing/WAP/MMS, please install the various other SDKs that work with NMIT 4.0, namely, Nokia 5100, 7210, 3510i, NMB 4.0, etc.

    -Vishu, Toolkit team

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    Thanks a lot vishu,
    I installed NMB 4.0 and now everything is OK

    regards: Emi

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