Hi All,

Two questions:

1) In Smart_Messaging_FAQ_v2_0 they describe how you can
send an operator logo in one SMS.
Although they state:

"There is a solution that allows these logos to be sent using only one SMS. This solution currently works with
Nokia phones, but no support for single-message logos can be promised, nor should it be assumed by developers.
It must be stressed that functioning of single-message logos in future Nokia terminals or terminals provided by
other vendors supporting Smart Messaging cannot be guaranteed."

Is this still the case and are there known issues with particular
phones ?

2) When I try to send a clear logo as specified in Smart_Messaging_FAQ_v2_0 as 06050415820000300000000A00000001,
I received it on a 7650, but when I open it, I get a general error.

Does someone can say what causes this and how this can be solved ?

On other phones (6150, 6310, ..) it works.

Kind Regards,