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    SIP over UDP Application for Nokia 7650 with J2ME


    I'm developing an java application for a Nokia 7650 that needs to use SIP over UDP.

    In an emulator on the PC the communication works fine.

    I'm afraid that there will be some problems when I port the application to the real device.

    Can I use SIP over UDP communication on a real Nokia 7650?

    thanks in advance

    Best regards


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    code example . . .

    I add some code example of my application. SIP uses Datagram protocol, which is supported in CLDC.

    // Create a new datagram socket.
    DatagramConnection dc =

    System.out.println("SYSTEM, datagram server listener:" + "datagram://:5060");

    while (! sipStack.toExit) {
    Datagram datagram =

    System.out.println("SYSTEM, listening!");
    System.out.println("SYSTEM, packet revceived!");

    // Create asynchronous message handler
    // for this message
    UDPMessageChannel udpMessageChannel =
    new UDPMessageChannel
    } catch (Exception ex) {

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    Grant Gould

    CLDC "supports" but does not require UDP, so not all valid CLDC devices will provide datagrams. Nokia generally provides only the absolute minimum required by the specification: a fairly dodgy http implementation and nothing more.

    As far as I know, no Nokia phones provide datagram connections from Java. If you want datagram support, you should probably look at other handset manufacturers, or else at writing your application in C++ rather than Java.

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