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    TCP socket connection between Symbian device and Windows


    I am having peculiar difficulties with TCP sockets. I have
    TCP socket connection, acting either as a server (listening on a
    socket) or a client (doing the discovery). A similar application
    exists for Windows as well. The problem is that the TCP socket
    connection between two Symbian devices or between two Windows machines
    works perfectly, but when the machines are mixed the data flows only
    to Symbian device but not to the Windows machine. The situation is the
    same regardless which device (Symbian or Windows) is acting as a
    server or what versions of Windows (NT, 2000, 98) or Symbian devices
    (9210, 7650) are used.

    At this point I am not sure whether the culprit is the Symbian or
    Windows application, but I would like to know whether anyone has
    succeeded in creating a working two-way TCP socket connection between
    a Symbian device and a Windows machine.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sockets connections to Windows should work OK.


    The sockets example code from the series 60 sdk 0.9 or 1.2 we have used to connect to a Windows 2000 server on the SMTP port and it does work two way, our connections have been over bluetooth and GPRS. Note that the bluetooth connection is via a system with the Nokia PC Suite to another system on the LAN, our GPRS connections have come in through a firewall and forwarded to the W2k SMTP server.

    Have you experimented with the sockets example app yet?

    Regards, Mike.

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    TCP Socket communication between 3650 and remote machine...


    I am as well..trying...to communicate from one 3650 to another 3650...!! but am using a Java ServerSocket application for getting the IP address of the two 3650 phones...!!!

    ..and am trying to write the TCP listener for the phone 3650-A for other remote phones X,Y,Z to connect to and transfer data...

    could u give me leads as to how phone to phone TCP communication works smoothly for you.


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    I am using the sockets example provided by the symbian SDK as a client on one machine and I have modified the same to act as server and this is running on other machine. Now I am trying to connect the client to the server. RAS is also enabled on the client side. But the connect() fails on the client side and it gives me an error code -36(Access denied). What is the problem here? I am not able to understand. Can you please give me some inputs on the same.


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