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    Some C Standard functions don't work


    I wanna use in my application a C function contained in the C standard library. The function is clock_t clock( void );
    It calculates the processor time used by the calling process
    It requires time.h.

    I've included in my mmp file the directory and the library (estlib.lib) needed to work with the C standard library.

    I guess that some functions like clock are not connected to the hardware so they cannot work.

    Someone have an idea about that?

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    standard c function clock() is not working

    I am also facing the same issue. I have to use clock for caculating elapsed proceesor time. But it returns -1 on emulator and device (Nokia 6630). Seems like processor time is not available.

    I am using the time.h header file and estlib.lib for this function.
    If any body have any idea?

    Is there any other alternative for calculating the same. I tried RThread::GetCpuTime(). This is also not supported on nokia 6630.


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