Hello there.

I work at Jinglehell soundstudios in Amsterdam. One of our workfields is making ringtones for mobile phones for many countries including the US. Besides keeping up-to date with the charts we also try to find out about songs that are hot and not in the charts, like underground or club hits, or themes from popular TV-shows. Besides that, some phones can now handle sound FX, witch means we can use any sound as a ringtone. We are allowed to use any sound sampled from news bulletins, and you can imagine this can provide some hilarious content. What about George Bush talking to you when your phone rings! The problem is though, that we don't have complete insight on what's really hot in the states. We are looking for someone who can supply us with a bunch of funny/upto-date soundclips or midifiles on a weekly basis. It's a fun job and shouldn't take more than an hour a week. If you feel like helping us out here or know someone who does, please let me know. We can then discuss further details and financial matters.