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    Nokia 7650 Periodic Connection Confirmation


    I succeeded to have my Nokia 7650 communicate in SOAP over a Bluetooth Connection (send and receive SOAP messages).
    The problem I have is that even after having configured a GPRS Connection as follow:
    data bearer: GPRS
    Gateway IP:
    access point name : none
    User Name: None
    No password
    Authentication: normal

    Advance settings: IP
    Primary Name Server:
    Secondary Name Server:

    Also in the network settings, the network selection is set to automatic, but i do not think this matters so much.

    There is only ONE connection defined but each time the Java Code is doing a connection call from the cell phone, the phone is asking me what connection I want to use "select an access point" with only one choice!
    I do not want the phone to ask me this any more especially when you need to refresh the screens many times. I would like to be able to bypass this so the phone uses the default connection all the time.


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    Select Access Point...


    I have the same problem on Series 60 devices. Do you have any solutions?


    Alp Eren YILMAZ

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