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    Weird problem in playing midi with 3300

    Hi all,

    i just encountered a very2 strange problem with 3300. I write a simple program that play midi, as quoted below

    iStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/audio/song.mid");
    player = Manager.createPlayer(iStream, "audio/midi");
    if (player3.getState() == Player.UNREALIZED) {
    if (player3.getState() == Player.REALIZED) {
    if (player3.getState() == Player.PREFETCHED) {

    When i was testing the code with one midi file, there were no problems. The problem occured as i was beginning to test it with lots of midi files. Let say i have 2 exactly different midi files, a.mid and b.mid. As i play the first one, a.mid there were no problem, then when i start to play b.mid, the sound that came out from 3300 was the sound from the previous midi file which is a.mid.

    The same thing happen when i play b.mid first then a.mid. When a.mid was played, it will sound as b.mid. This is very strange, cause i have tested them on 3650, and they working properly. And as i tested it on around 10-20 midi files, the problem occures on 10 midi files, which not occured on 3650.

    Anybody has occured this problem before? or any suggestions on how to deal with this problem, it will be very helpfull


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    There was mention in another thread from the Nokia representative that the MMAPI only really works in 3300s with newer firmware.


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