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    convert audio foramt to AMR

    I use Nokia_Multimedia_Converter v2.0 in console mode,but it cann't work,error is "SetConversionParameters Failed!";
    I use it like this:
    c:\nokia tool\mmconvertercon -i c:\1.wav -o c:\2.amr -a amr -amr 5
    when I use wbamr as -a parameter,it work fine,anyone can help me?

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    Do you get the same error message using the GUI version of the tool? I did run some tests, but I wasn't able to get that kind of behaviour. You could try to leave the extension off from the output file name.

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    because I install an other verison of this utility,I uninstall that verison,the problem is disappear.
    can some dll is override?

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