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    Testing HTTP client for Nokia 3650-Looking to share code

    I have been working on an HTTP client for Symbian Series 60 that sends an
    image up to an http server. The code I have is modeled after the sockets
    example that ships with Nokia's Series 60 emulator. Unfortunately, the code
    only works half the time in the emulator and I do not have a real phone to
    test it on. Even if I did it seems on-target debugging is next to
    impossible. I am confident that the socket code is either 99% correct or
    100% correct and is failing due to a bug in the emulator.

    So what does all this have to do with the reader? Well, I am hoping to find
    someone else who needs a C++ HTTP client for the Nokia 3650 and would be
    willing to collaborate in testing my code in exchange for a copy of the

    Details about the current code base:
    1) I have scanned in some hand-drawn UML diagrams for the code. The
    diagrams are slightly dated, but should help the reader better grasp the
    flow of the code.
    2) The client is single threaded and uses lots of active objects to achieve
    3) Unfortunately the Symbian code has no unit tests. Although I tried for a
    long time I was unable to devise a test framework that would allow me to
    test active objects within the emulator.
    4) The Symbian code includes a moderately complete parser for parsing HTTP
    1.0 responses.
    5) In theory the Symbian code can send anything down the socket that
    implements a particular custom interface.
    6) There is a simple corresponding Java servlet that saves the image
    uploaded by the Symbian client.
    7) The server side java code is managed by an ant build system and has some
    simple junit tests written for it.
    8) Both the Symbian and Java code is maintained in CVS.

    I hope someone finds this proposal interesting. I look forward to building
    a mutually beneficial relationship. Please send me an email if your

    James Carpenter
    3258-20 Via Marin
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: (858) 587-6056
    Fax: (309) 418-2935
    Email: nawkboy@yahoo.com
    AOL IM: nawkboyrules

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    Hi...I'm interested in doing exactly this (writing a small subset of HTTP client functionality to parse a datastream, take a pic and send it back up to the server).

    Only thing is, mine is all written in C++ at the mo.



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    Hi ,
    sorry by the probably basic question, I'm a beginning : There is a way to put this function (add) when the user press some key ? , for example when he sends a message...

    Thanks ..


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