The book Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones describes a SMS GDP receiving program in chapter 20 "GDP Implementations". I donwloaded an example code from -> gdp + readme.
When compiling, the following header files are missing:


I'm using S60.

1. can this example be compiled on S60 ?

2. where are those files, and why are they missing ?

I'm trying to implement a SMS receiving application that:
runs on the background all the time
receives SMSs with a unique pattern
and redirects them to a custom viewer.

3. is this possible ? can I run a custom SMS receiving process on the background all the time ?

4. if yes, what type it should be ? an EXE, APP, DLL, etc. ?

5. can I use the GDP SMS receiving code on a background process on S60?
or is there another/better way to do this on S60 ?

Ilpo Riikonen