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Thread: Window frames

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    Window frames

    How does one use window frames with Nokia 9210?

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    RE: Window frames

    In some views, there is a need to divide the Application Area into several parts. In these cases, the following instructions are recommended: only the active, selected window has a frame and drop shadow. If necessary, the active window can be emphasised by the title bar, which only resides in the active frame (Figure 56). The title of the inactive window is black and has a title line underneath.

    The selection bar is only visible in the active window. In some cases, the selection of the inactive window needs to be indicated; then the selection bar is a simple frame with a white background. This is e.g. when one list item is selected on the left window and its content is presented in right window and the right window is activated and the selection bar resides on the right window.

    The width of the left window depends on the view which is currently active. It occupies a maximum of half of the Application Area, but, preferably, it should be narrower (a minimum of 1/3 of the Application Area). The width of the details window (i.e. the right-handwindow) depends on the CBA. The margins are 4 pixels to the Application Area borders. The space between the windows is 7 pixels.

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