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    3650 URL limit length?

    I have developed an application for a properitary stock trading system, where the protocol is based on sending long HTTP gets to a server (on port 80 to pass firewalls etc.)

    My application/MIDlet runs successfully on P800 and the Nokia emulator, however on the 3650 i am not able to request long URLs.

    In my connection thread the following code is issued:

    String command = <my command>
    HttpConnection coonection = (HttpConnection)Connector.open( command, Connector.READ );
    connection.setRequestProperty( HttpConnection.GET );
    connection.setRequestProperty( "Connection", "close" );

    InputStream is = connection.openInputStream();
    while ( (int ch = is.read()) != -1 ) {
    // process

    With a short url (~60 chars) this works as excepted, however with a long url (~600 chars) nothing happens, and the request does not make it through to the server.
    The thread just hangs there, no exception etc.

    Is this a known limitation or a bug? Will changing to POST help? Will a new revision of the firmware fix this? It this documented anywhere (officially or unofficially)?

    (The server can be updated to accept HTTP posts, but currently do not support it. I don`t want to spend time on it if it will not work.)

    Regards Johan Seland
    Programmer Net Fonds ASA

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