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    Is OMA really in 5100 ? or this is joke ?


    I have downloaded "OMA provisioning for Nokia 5100" version 1.0. Which exactly Nokia 5100 version (NPM-6/NPM-6U/NPM-6NX) is it related with ?

    I have tried with NPM-6/NPM-6U with latest firmware 3.02 and can't use OMA bootstrap (phone doesn't have "reserved" settings and don't recognize bootstrap).

    My another question connected with this phone:

    Does Nokia have in plans ANY firmware updates for this phone ?

    Currently it has only 564 kB of shared memory (www says 725 kB), bugs in calendar, only 5 sets for MMS/WAP, etc., etc. Everything like in first 6610/7210 releases. It's very frustrating. Nokia Poland doesn't give any sensible answer (if this is "dead" phone or not).

    I found additionaly one bug: it's possible to create two folders with the same name using Obex (with SetPath command).


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    I have a Nokia 5100 USA version, and it happily accepts bootstrapping document like the Nokia 6220 model.

    I have however not been able to use the PPG model, but I am down at the wbxml level.


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