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    How to download pictures from any Nokia Phone to a PC using Bluetooth?

    Hi There,

    I am trying to develop a PC based application that uses Bluetooth and Infrared to connect to any mobile phone or PDA to download all photos taken (digital camera on phones).

    I use Delphi 5.0, I noticed a lot of SDKs are for Visual C++, is there anything with Activex or VCL for Delphi?
    Is what I am trying to build realistic, Can this be done? Do all phones store their images in the same place on the phone?
    Where can we get the developers tools to build it? (Delphi)
    Do we need specific Bluetooth device on the PC side or any BT device will work?

    If anyone has the expertise to develop a DLL for this purpose, email me to discuss how much.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    If the phone supports Bluetooth File Transfer Profile, you can access a *certain* folder /folders depending on the device. But there might be some limitations. E.g., in Nokia 3650 and 7650, you can access only those messages that are in Inbox AND sent via Bluetooth FTP. I.e., other messages (sent via MMS or IRDA) are not accessible.

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    so when is Nokia going to fix this?


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    Hi, seppo:

    I have the same need as Stevede. I have implemented using Bluetooth FTP profile to download files from Nokia bluetooth phones.

    Would you like to provide us more information on how to download those photoes and MMS files?

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