Hi, i am trying to run my first hello world application (the one of the PDF "How to develop applications for the 9210) .
In order to do this i am using the JBUILDER 7 integrated with the Nokia Developer Suite for PJAVA to make the sis file and the other generated files.

The first question is:
I can generate the .sis, .pkg,.app files but when i run the program from the emulator in the extras panel, i get the following error:
exit code:(6) what does it mean?

The second question is:

Can i use the JBUILDER (any version) in order to develop the interface using CFrames? when i try to do this, i get a red panel in the screen.... there is any posibility to configure this?

The thing is that i want to use the JBUILDER for two main reassons:
1) i want to design the Cframes and have a look at the interface as it will appear on the device.

2) i tried to install the communicator sdk on my pc but it was impossible to make it run on the following operating systems: win98 and winxp.

Any comments or suggest welcome!

your friend from Colombia,
Computer science Eng. Carlos Alberto Barrera