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    SDK communicator 9210 for windows xp

    I tried to install the communicator sdk on my pc but it was impossible to make it run on the following operating systems: win98 and winxp. There is any set of steps to follow to make it run in those operating systems?

    I know by other people, that when you install the sdk on your computer it is impossible to make it run with the defaults it come, so , what type of changes and configs i need to do in order to run the emulator and the AIF Builder propperly?

    Any comments or suggest welcome!

    your friend from Colombia,
    Computer science Eng. Carlos Alberto Barrera

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    Same Problem

    I too am having the same problem. When I try launching the AIF Builder, GUI opens and closes in a second saying there was a problem with Javaw. I am running the emulator in Windows XP. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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    I was having similar problems, with Nokia 9210 and Win XP.

    In practice, there seemed to be two problems:

    1) Launching AIFBuilder, it would bring up a window with a progress bar (which is actually 'Splash.exe' launching), and would then fail, with an XP dialog about javaw failing, and to check that AIFBuilder.jar existed. (which it did).
    This was solved by
    - downloading/installing Java 1.2.2 from Sun, and
    - explicitly setting the path to point to the directory in which javaw had been installed, as the first element on the path. (Do this in Control Panel|System, not in a Dos console window, for permanence)
    My conclusion is that the Java 1.2.2 included with the Nokia SDKs somehow goes broken under Win XP, but don't quote me!

    2) After doing this, I was able to run AIFBuilder, and set up everything, and 'Generate' my app. This then blew up, which, from using the C++ SDK, I recalled is due to the Perl script not liking where the SDK directory ('Symbian') has been installed. I had it in c:\Program Files\Symbian, and I believe Perl was exploding about the 'Program Files' bit, a long name with a space. I uninstalled the SDK, and reinstalled it to c:\Symbian. After doing this, Generate in AIFBuilder works fine, and I can run Hello.app in the emulator.

    I have a further problem though; I copied the Hello files to my 9210, and it won't run there. 2 steps forward, then stuck on the third one...

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    Fixed, complete!

    OK, I fixed that.

    The getting started documentation states the the Java command line field in AIFBuilder should be "-cp j:\blah..\Helloapp.jar Hello". In other words, that the .app file, when run, should look for the class "Hello" in the Helloapp.jar at "j:\blah..\". (Note the drive: "j:")

    Which kindof works for the emulator. If you followed the getting started instructions, then you did build a Helloapp.jar in the path that the emulator thinks is j:\blah...\.

    But it's doubly confusing when you try to install on the 9210. Following the SDK instructions, you copy the .app, .aif, and .txt output to the "<wherever>\System\Apps\MyAppName" directory, be that the emulator's c: drive, or the 9210's C: or D: drive.

    Under the emulator, all is kuhl; it can see j:\blah.., finds the .jar, and off we go.

    On the 9210, we find no "j:" at all, never mind subdir \blah..., so a Kernel error is thrown.

    The fixup is to do 2 things:
    1) tell AIFBuilder that the java command line is
    "-cp ?:/System/Apps/Hello/Helloapp.jar Hello",
    so at runtime, we look for
    - a class "Hello",
    - in a jar called "Helloapp.jar",
    - in a subdirectory "/System/Apps/Hello/",
    - in drive "?:" ("?:" means "look in d: (the memory card), then c: (on-board RAM), then z: (on board ROM)").
    Otherwise, the getting started instructions are correct.
    Click on "Generate", to create the .aif, .app. and .txt files, in your selected ("AIFBuilder|DFRDs|Crystal|Location to generate files") output directory.

    2) As well as those three files, you need the .jar file, so copy that into the same directory. You now have a .jar file, and .aif, .app, and .txt files, 4 in total, which are the full set needed to run.

    Copy these into "?:/System/Apps/Hello/", where "?:"might be "C:\Symbian\6.0\NokiaJava\Epoc32\Wins\c\", on your PC, for the Emulator, or "d:" or "c:" on the 9210.

    Having done that, under the emulator or the 9210, you /should/ (!) see "Hello", under Extras, and should be able to launch and run.

    In passing, a useful tool is
    "C:\Symbian\6.0\NokiaJava\erj\tools\AViewer\AViewer.sis", which installs like any other app. It's effectively a console for "standard output" and "standard error" output. Run it before starting any Java app you've written, and it will record all such output, which, e.g. helped me a lot...

    (I'm trying the 9210 Java SDK after aborting efforts with the C++ SDK, which was too painful to live with. Nokia/Symbian made a complete pig's ear of that stuff, they didn't do any better with Java!!)

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