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    Are mobile phone keys suitable for intensive action gaming?


    I am in the design phase of an action game which involves alternatingly pressing two different keys as fast as one can (=analogous to wiggling the joystick as fast as one can).

    But here comes my concern: Are mobile phone keys reliable enough to do something like that? What is the average lifetime of a mobile phone key (in number of keypresses or guaranteed lifetime)?

    Who would be liable if a player damages the keys of his mobile phone by playing your game? (You see, it makes no economical sense to sell a game for a few bucks and then having to pay a few hundred bucks for the replacement of a damaged mobile phone)

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    Re: Are mobile phone keys suitable for intensive action gaming?

    Action games are for the adventurous and fearless people.
    They will do anything to play their favorite games.
    Besides most of the action games are designed with your thoughts.
    Evidently you are responsible for damaging you keyboard.
    You can't sue the game company for that.

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