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    General layout of the 9210 display

    What is the general layout of the 9210 display?

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    RE: General layout of the 9210 display

    The display resolution is 640 x 200 pixels. There are four command buttons on the right-hand side of the display; the button labels are presented on the left-hand side of the command buttons.

    The display is divided into three different areas. On the left, there is an Indicator area, and on the far right is a Command Button Area (CBA). The width of both areas varies depending on the situation, and the space between these areas is dedicated to the application use.

    - Indicator Area on the left: the Indicator Area is reserved for providing information about the active application, the time and the status of the communication. The Indicator Area is either 92 or 32 pixels wide, depending on which application is active.

    - Application Area in the middle: the Application Area is reserved for application use. When the application requires all the space available, some extra space can be provided by using a narrower 32-pixel Indicator Area.

    - Command Button Area on the right: the Command Button Area consists of 4 commands, each command corresponding to a dedicated button. Commands within a view/dialog may change, depending on the functional context.

    It is also possible to reserve the entire screen space for the application.

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